Wonders of Africa Project Unveils Teal Leaders After Launch

The much awaited Wonders of Africa Project was last month launched during a zoom conference hosted by Ikechi Uko, as team leaders across Africa were also unveiled.

The Wonders of Africa Project (WOA) among other aims is to get 3 million or more Africans to travel within Africa in the next 30 months and also grow tourism and travel business back to a prosperous level.

The need for the project was the result of the Covid-19, which breakout since December 2019 has flattened international tourism in Africa and almost wiped out the industry, as is currently being experienced across Africa and beyond.

The host, Ikechi Uko, founder and organiser of the annual Akwaaba African Travel Market said the project is meant to select the 25 wonders of Africa through identifying the 25 must visit tourism sites and destinations in Africa and Diaspora.

He further explained that it will take different stages hence they will be selected from various African Union zones; namely: North, East, South, Central, West Africa and Diaspora. "These 25 destinations will be chosen from 300 initial destinations representing 50 x 6 zones," he clarified.

The notable and well experienced traveler, travel and tour writer affirmed that "the Wonders of Africa Project is an opportunity for Africans to communicate direct to each other, know each other, speak to each other and market each other."

According to him, Africans have not been traveling extensively (within Africa) as "Africa has always depended on foreign tourists for her growth receiving the lowest number of all the regions in the world just 5% totaling about 63 million tourists annually."

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Source: allAfrica