Groundbreaking publication from African People & Wildlife and National Geographic advances community engagement in conservation

The support and active engagement of local communities is a critical component of securing a healthy future for our planet—including all beings, human and wild. Community, Conservation, and Collaboration: A Framework for Success—created by African People & Wildlife in partnership with the National Geographic Society—provides lessons, strategies, and best practices to anyone working to engage and empower communities in the process of enhanced conservation and natural resource management. Developed from the experience of over 50 organizations across eastern and southern Africa, the framework and its associated toolkit go beyond theory to address the very important question of "how."

"Today, in the face of unprecedented threats to our planet's wildlife and ecosystems, collaborating with and empowering local communities is fundamental to the success of biodiversity conservation," said Jonathan Baillie, Ph.D., Executive Vice President and Chief Scientist at National Geographic Society. "Together, I believe we can accelerate meaningful solutions to protect the great diversity of life and build a brighter future for all."

The framework was designed as a living and evolving document, providing NGOs, conservation practitioners, and protected area managers in Africa and beyond with a strong and elastic process for community engagement from which all organizations can learn and adapt. Training opportunities and an accompanying curriculum will be announced in the coming months.

Source/ more information: PR Newswire