Birders’ paradise: 11 new bird species discovered in Uganda

Bird watchers coming to Uganda are getting more than what they bargain for. This follows confirmation of 10 new bird species sighted within the last four years.

According to Achilles Byaruhanga, the executive director of Nature Uganda, the scientists also confirmed a species that were first encountered in Uganda in 2012.

Byaruhanga said that the ardent bird watchers also known as birders keep on encountering birds they have not seen before every year. “We keep on adding new species nearly every year,” he said.

He added that the scientists' reports on the new species have to be reviewed by their peers and the committee of eminent ornithologists based in East Africa.

Professor Derrick Pomeroy of Makerere University who has trained most of the Ugandan ornithologists is one of the eminent persons sitting on the East African committee that confirmed the new bird species.

Speaking ahead of the Big Birding Day at the Uganda Museum on Thursday. Byaruhanga yesterday listed the discoveries over the years to include: new sightings in 2012.

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