Join the Business of Conservation Conference, Kigali, September 8th and 9th

The African Leadership University’s School of Wildlife Conservation will host the second annual Business of Conservation Conference in Kigali, Rwanda on September 8th and 9th with optional events hosted on September 7th.

The Business of Conservation Conference aims to catalyze a new wave of economic development in Africa by bringing together influential leaders to collaborate in tangible ways around one of Africa’s unique competitive advantages - its biodiversity. The conference will serve as a platform for influencing these key decision makers, propagating powerful ideas and driving tangible collaboration and investment by the most influential African and global leaders for the benefit of Africa’s economy, its people and its wildlife. 

Last year’s conference brought together over 300 leaders including President Paul Kagame of Rwanda and Minister Kenewendo Bogolo of Botswana. But BCC is not a meeting about conservation for conservation’s sake – it is about action. Last year nearly US$ 600 million dollars in commitments to conservation were made, and we look forward to inspiring more action this year.  This year’s conference theme is Environmental Investing: from scarcity to abundance, where the gathering will be centered around making conservation a growth industry on the continent.

The BCC community believes in rethinking the way we see conservation; a unique African opportunity for long-term sustainability and economic growth - an asset that should be at the center of cross-sector collaboration and innovation. 

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