Work on Kanyemba floating bridge across the Zambezi is set to begin

The implementation of the pontoon landing bay or floating bridge project that will link Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique through Kanyemba border post is expected to start before the second quarter of this year on revelations that Zambian authorities are finalising processes for the introduction of the ferry boats on the Zambezi river.

The multi-million dollar project to establish a floating bridge that will be used as a deck to ferry heavy trucks across the Zambezi into Zambia and Mozambique is one of the important developments commissioned this year during a tour on Kanyemba by Vice President Retired General Constantino Chiwenga in January.

The Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Development, Cde Joel Biggie Matiza as the project is an important pedestal to enhance trade between the three nations with a broad forecast of further linking with the rest of Central Africa.

The project will create the shortest route linking up Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique, reducing the link distance by a massive 550 kilometres and thus cutting costs on fuel and time.

The project funded through an agreement with the government of Japan will be critical in boosting trade statistics among the three nations and revive the operations of the border post which had retreated into a ghost point due to inactivity.

Supportive infrastructure such as the road network to the area is being worked on with revelations that 5 kilometres of the approach road to the pontoon landing bay is complete with a drive-able surface.