African Travel Summit kicks off in Langa

Delegates from across the continent are discussing how tourism and technology can enable economic empowerment.

The three-day African Travel Summit kicked off at Guga S'thebe in Langa on Wednesday.

More than 30 high-profile speakers and panellists are talking about how technology can help more people benefit from tourism across Africa.

There's a hive of activity at the cultural centre in Langa, where local and international tourism businesses are engaging in talks on the development of the tourism sector.

The summit was organised by Airbnb as part of its $1 million investment to boost community-led tourism projects in Africa.

Chris Lehane, head of global policy and public affairs at Airbnb, also revealed a new report on how the Airbnb platform is promoting travel that is local, diverse and inclusive in South Africa.

The report shows that at least two million guests have been accommodated at Airbnb listings in South Africa and 3.5 million across Africa.

Lehane says roughly half of those were in the past year.

The topics of discussion include financing as an enabler for technology and tourism development, resilient tourism in times of crisis such as Cape Town's drought, and the role of government in advancing new forms of tourism and innovation.

Source: EWN