Tanzania: Isles Unveils Team for Tourism Festival

For four days, from this coming October 17, the first "Zanzibar Tourism Show and Awards", will take place on the Isles. It has also been confirmed that the event will be inaugurated by President Ali Mohamed Shein.

Together with this news the selected theme, "Responsible Tourism for Better and Greener Tomorrow", for the four-day event, was also released.

In preparation for the inaugural event, the Zanzibar Minister for Information, Tourism and Heritage, Mahmoud Thabit Kombo, appointed members for both a technical and steering committee, together with a jury for the show.

In this regards Sabah Saleh Ali, from the Zanzibar Commission for Tourism, has been appointed chairperson for the Technical Committee and the Awards jury.

Meanwhile, Dr Vuai Iddi Lila, who is also from the Zanzibar Commission for Tourism, was appointed chairperson for the steering committee.

The locally-based Zanzi Promotions Director, Javed Jafferji, will be holding the position of Vice Chairman.

In a telephone conversation with the 'Daily News' yesterday, Minister Kombo praised the committees for consisting of people from both the government and private sectors, together with associations.

"These members have a strong experience in the travel and tourism sectors. Therefore, they will form a technical and steering committees, together with the jury for the awards ceremony.

I am confident of this team, which is both from government and private sectors. They will guide and formulate this show," he said. Kombo also asked the committees to work towards this inaugural being successful.

That way, he maintains, it will enhance and promote the tourism sector on the Isles, for according to him this Zanzibar Tourism Show is of the utmost importance to the Isles' economy.

Source: AllAfrica