SA Express will soon be taking to the skies again

Domestic flights in South Africa should be back to full complement with the reinstatement of SA Express which offers a feeder network to domestic flight destinations. After a brief grounding in May, SA Express is back on track to take off again. Earlier in July they were given the all-clear to schedule flights after having their Aircraft Maintenance Organisation (AMO) certification reinstated.

Since the suspension the airline has spent several months upgrading their fleet to meet the stringent standards set by SACAA. 

A statement released by SA Express said, "All of our corrective action plans were accepted by SACAA for all the findings which led to the suspension of the AMO and AOC. A team comprising members of the newly appointed board of directors, the Ministerial Intervention Team, as well as SA Express’ dedicated employees have worked tirelessly to implement the SACAA approved corrective action plans (CAPS)." 

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Source: Bizcommunity