Malawi signs tourism pact with Zambia

Malawi has signed a tourism pact with Zambia that will see the two countries complementing each other rather than competing in the sector.

Putting pen to paper at the ongoing Malawi Tourism Exposition, famed ‘Takulandilani’ Malawi’s Tourism Minister Henry Mussa said the marketing synergy for the two countries can yield better results if they pitch their tourism products jointly. Mussa observes that tourism is fast becoming a money spinner and can bring substantial amount of forex to the two countries hence the agreement.

“Some of the major issues highlighted in the MOU include major cooperation and complementary functions between the two countries in the sector of tourism. What we are saying is that Malawi is unique in its own state just like Zambia, so jointly we can work together to attract tourists to visit this part of Africa. For instance Malawi has the beautiful lake with fresh water while Zambia has a large population of wildlife so tourists will be attracted to both countries,” said Mussa.

The Minister further said tourism currently contributes about 8 percent to the GDP and employs not less than 140,000 people but plans are underway to double the efforts. He also observed that other sectors of the economy such as agriculture are likely to thrive when the tourism sector accelerates in growth.

On his part, Charles Banda, Tourism Minister for Zambia said basically the agreement seeks to harmonize marketing strategies for tourism between the two countries and was quite upbeat that the joint efforts will give the two countries a competitive advantage on regional and continental level.

“Basically through tourism we think we will greatly contribute greatly to economic development of our countries. Prospects are high that as the sector thrives we will be able to contribute meaningfully to the job market too.”

Malawi shares a boarder with Zambia and both were once British colonies. Malawi’s Tourism Expo 2018 has attracted local and international exhibitors. It commenced on 26th April and is expected to end on the 28th of this month.

Source: MBC