Tanzania's Parliamentary Committee Wants Lake Manyara Protected At All Costs

Arusha — The Parliamentary Committee for Lands, Natural Resources and Tourism has directed the Tanzania National Parks Authority (Tanapa) to work closely with relevant government organs in developing strategies that will help rescue Lake Manyara from drying up.

Lake Manyara, which is a key tourist attraction in the Lake Manyara National, Park is drying over excessive accumulation of sand to the extent of threatening its existence and that of wildlife that depend on the water body.

Lands, Natural Resources and Tourism parliamentary committee chairman Kemilembe Lwota made the call on Wednesday, January 24 when concluding the committee's visit to the park.

She said Lake Manyara cannot be left with the prevailing situation caused by a number of reasons, including human activities around the lake.

"Although it is true that we have the challenge of climate change, we must take action now. We need to ask ourselves how we should order our priorities when it comes to human economic activities like tourism and agriculture," she observed.

Earlier, Mtama Member of Parliament Nape Nnauye said Tanapa should involve the private sector in attracting more visitors to the national parks.

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Source: allAfrica