New ATTA® members this month – March 2022

Urth Expedition - North American Based Travel Specialist - United States

Urth Expedition specializes in customized wildlife safaris and mountain trekking in East Africa. 

Most of our trips support local social enterprises and impact-minded ventures. We offer unparalleled personal experiences tailored to your unique tastes and desires. We work with the highest-rated guides in the safari industry, professional and enthusiastic individuals who work tirelessly to facilitate a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for our guests. We continuously explore Africa's hidden gems, nurturing our network of industry-leading suppliers who provide elegance in the most remote and extraordinary locations. 

ATI Holidays (Africa Tourist Info) - African Based Travel Specialist – Namibia

ATI Holidays is an owner-managed niche operator to Southern Africa, with the most experienced and passionate team of travel planners. We offer unsurpassed experiences, itineraries, service, back-up, and support in country, offering completely bespoke journeys ranging from self-drive explorations to privately guided safaris or luxury fly-in adventures.

We are local experts, with a genuine love for the region and only ever utilise properties, services and guides, that we know and trust intimately, and that meet our own exacting standards.

Our company directors come from a conservation background, and this has directed the company ethos from the outset. We aim to introduce our clients to the magic and splendour of Southern Africa, whilst maintaining our integrity and working in a sustainable, environmentally friendly manner, preserving the natural beauty of the wilderness and the local cultures for future generations.

While we maintain the feel and intimacy of a small company, we are big enough to negotiate the best terms, rates, and value adds for you and your clients!

Miles Fanning Legal Services Limited - Professional Partners - United Kingdom

Miles Fanning Legal is a niche law firm based in the City of London. We provide a wide range of legal services to a variety of businesses. We have a particularly strong reputation in the fields of travel, tourism and marine.

We also provide dispute resolution, claims handling and technical auditing services to Insurers. Our team has extensive experience supporting the insurance market, including outsourced claims handling for specialist insurance schemes. We are an approved Lloyd’s TPA.

We recognise that legal problems are often complex but always strive to limit jargon and provide clear advice and support. Our team is mindful of the fact that many of our clients are not lawyers. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide our services in an approachable, professional and friendly manner, allowing you to maximise the benefit from the advice provided.

Rift Valley Expeditions - African Based Travel Specialist – Spain

Rift-Valley is a team of travel specialists who share a common passion for the unexplored places on the African continent. We have offices in Addis Ababa, Entebbe, Cotonou, Arusha, Libreville and Nairobi and a commercial office in Madrid, Spain. Our headquarters are located in Barcelona, Spain.

From the last nomadic tribes in Angola and the gorillas in the heart of Uganda or Gabon, to Voodoo ceremonies in Benin, camel treks through the Danakil desert in Ethiopia and observation of the big five in Tanzania, Rift-Valley offers an approach which is as professional as it is efficient. This approach is both flexible and personalized, based on a deep knowledge of Africa, its different cultures, nature and history, and we are, therefore, able  to design tailor-made itineraries with a genuine touch which is only possible due to the first-hand knowledge of our team of African and European experts.  

Rift Valley’s DNA also has the organisation of guided tours by an expert (author trips). We offer culture, photography, nature, anthropology, trekking, etc. Some of the most iconic places on the continent which we visit are: the Churches of Lalibela in Ethiopia, the pyramids of Meroe in Sudan, the Akaka jungle in Gabon, the isolated ethnic groups in Angola or Mundari ethnic group in South Sudan.

Being a responsible DMC is at the heart of what Rift-Valley is all about. We believe in minimizing the impact on the diverse cultures, communities and environments we interact with, along with a serious commitment to socially conscious, grassroots-style travel, and this has driven us on throughout our tourism projects from the very first day we started in 2012.

For this reason we work with local communities in order to develop responsible touristic opportunities which the local economies can benefit from.

We are a team of African enthusiasts as well as specialists in responsible tourism, and we all share a passion for the unexplored parts of the African continent. We are committed to the belief that well-managed tourism is the key to protecting and maintaining the delicate natural ecosystems, the cultural diversity and the traditions.

Africa Kenya Safaris - African Based Travel Specialist – Kenya

This is Africa Kenya Safaris – we are the specialists for young travelers… and the young at heart! Curious, independent, ready to adventure your way… not stuck with old rules and habits.

We offer all kinds of journeys exploring the heart of Kenya’s great parks.

Whether a ½ day Nairobi city jaunt, a one-day safari gateway, an in-depth 12 day safari, or something in between, Africa Kenya Safaris offers you customizable adventures based on your preferences.

We work with dozens of informed lodge providers to bring you every accommodation possibility.

At Africa Kenya Safaris we realize Safari adventures come in all shapes and budgets. Let us customize your journey to fit your needs and personal style.

Lord Charles Hotel - Accommodation Suppliers - South Africa

Situated at the foothills of the Helderberg Mountains on 22 acres of idyllic landscaping, the iconic Lord Charles Hotel is perfectly situated in the Cape Winelands.

The refurbished hotel maintains it's classic flair, but with a contemporary twist.  Guests can enjoy traditional luxury in the newly appointed rooms and resort style amenities featuring tennis courts, swimming pools, spa & hair salon, fitness facilities, a revitalized feature dam adn mouth-watering cuisine in different dining options.

For those travellers looking to explore beyond the gates, the property's unique location caters to an eclectic range of interests.  From white sand beaches and world-renowned golf courses, to wine tasting at  local wine farms or retail therapy at Somerset Mall or the well known V & A Waterfront in Cape Town, the Lord Charles Hotel makes an ideal base for the ultimate stay.

MORE Family Collection - Accommodation Suppliers - South Africa

MORE Family Collection is a fourth-generation family company, which owns and manages a private collection of award-winning, luxury safari lodges, boutique hotels, and private residences set within some of Southern Africa’s most inspiring locations (including the Sabi Sand Reserve, the Kruger National Park, Cape Town and Victoria Falls).

Our origin dates back to 1933 and the founding of Lion Sands Game Reserve. Since, we have established six lodges (four at Lion Sands Game Reserve & two at Marataba Game Reserve) in two unique safari reserves, and three hotels (More Quarters Neighbourhood Hotel, Cape Cadogan Boutique Hotel and Stanley & Livingstone Boutique Hotel) in the vicinity of two Natural Wonders of the World. Four Private Residences have also been added to the Collection (Lion Sands Game Reserve and Cape Town and the Winelands). Collectively we have committed to protecting the environment, preserving our legacy, and delivering on our purpose of creating life-enriching experiences for every one of our guests.