Join us! City Focus: Cape Town Webinar | Tuesday 08th Feb - 2pm (UK)

The Africa Hub are delighted to kick off their brand new webinar series "City Focus" with one of Africa's most diverse and vibrant cities - Cape Town. During this webinar they will be delving deeper into South Africa's Mother City, where three experts will be going through the top tips and tricks to help you to sell this hugely-sought after bucket-list destination.

With insight into practical details on the city, exciting and unique tours on offer and insight into the city's Townships and how including community engagement tours into a programme will make a life-long positive impact on your clients. The webinar will end with an opportunity to ask the panelists any queries you might have in a dedicated Q&A.

You can expect to learn:

- The city's top attractions and what makes them unique

- Key regions within the city to stay, including insight into their different offerings

- How to navigate Cape Town's seasons

- Adventurous, exciting ways to explore the city (both on land and in water!)

- Where to meet the locals and make your stay extra special

- Why community tourism is so vital to this beautiful city and how to engage with it for the benefit of your clients

- Accommodation options in the city

Click HERE to register for this FREE webinar – you do not need a membership to watch the webinar live.

We look forward to seeing you there!