The Trust Protects website has launched!

When the COVID-19 pandemic began in early 2020, traveller trust declined suddenly and dramatically. Understandably, many travellers who were affected by the resulting uncertainty, cancellations and issues receiving refunds will feel apprehensive about booking trips once again. As travel begins to open up, more than ever, travellers want proof that their money is safe when they book.

Trust Protects is the customer-facing validation of financial protection that you can share with your travellers in order for them to check the protection of their transaction. They can do this at any time using the Transaction Search Tool.

Ultimately, Trust Protects provides third-party confirmation that you have taken measures to safeguard your customer’s transaction; giving them peace of mind that their money is in safe hands whilst cementing their trust in you as a provider that takes the whereabouts of your travellers’ money seriously.

Visit the Trust Protects website for more information: