Tourism returns to Imvelo Safari Lodges, Hwange Zimbabwe - watch the highlights and coffee catchups with our first returning USA and UK guests

Watch all the incredible highlights from our first returning USA guests who enjoyed a 9 night safari travelling to all 4 very different Imvelo camps through the exclusive Hwange National Park.

They slowed down and had the opportunity to explore the park through the eyes and knowledge of our experienced head guide Sibs Sibanda. They travelled from north to south taking in the variation of wildlife, ambience and landscapes unique to each area. They loved spending time in our one of a kind underground look up blinds – taking one into the belly of the bush to observe the finer details and characters of all the wildlife that come to drink nearby along with sightings of mating lions and the bustling, rumbling arena around Nehimba with elephant in camp.

Listen to their stories on how travel can really 'fill your cup' after a very challenging 2020 as well as from our team on why travel is so critical to protecting our frontline communities and to the preservation of our wildlife. Tourism returns to Imvelo and Hwange National Park

For a more in-depth discussion, we caught up with them for coffee and they had some excellent tips on travel, some wonderful insights into their experiences and why slowing down and spending more time in one park can be so rewarding! Most importantly how restorative their safari holiday was for them all in the wide open spaces and amongst the incredible wildlife in Hwange. Coffee catch up with our first returning USA guests to Imvelo Hwange

We recently had our first British guests arrive with us to spend five nights in Hwange - three in the south east at Bomani and then two nights up in the north at Nehimba - a great combo due to the diversity of species and experiences. We caught up with Matt on his return to the UK and discussed his thoughts on why this is an excellent time to take that safari of a lifetime and why Hwange National Park and Imvelo is the perfect choice for a purposeful safari!     

Coffee catch up with our first returning UK guests to Imvelo Hwange

From all at Imvelo Safari Lodges - we wish you happy holidays and cant wait to share more adventures in Hwange National Park in 2021

Video editing & wildlife footage by Jonathan Burnham