The Great Migration on Lemala Ndutu's doorstep

Lemala Ndutu is showcasing its newly refurbished look, nearly ready to welcome in our guests and the hundreds of thousands of wildebeests coming directly our way.

Lemala is one of only a handful of camps to open in Ndutu for the wildebeest migration. Usually hosting approximately 50 camps each season, Ndutu will be an incredibly intimiate and special experience for all of our guests who are coming to view this wildlife spectacle.

Wildebeest give birth to 90% of their calves during the 3 week peak, early in the rains. Tens of thousands of calves are born between December and February, taking place right on the doorstep of Lemala Ndutu Tented Camp.

Surrounded by the orchestra of the wildebeest, and situated under the blanket of stars...there is no better place to be to experience such a pinnacle part of the Serengeti ecosystem.

We are ready to greet the herds, and welcome you in to experience front row seats where the birthing of a new wildebeest generation will take place.