Karibu Camps & Lodges - Upgrading Sametu Camp, Central Serengeti

Set in the remote area on the Eastern Edge of Central Serengeti, Located less than 60meters away from the Ngarenyanuki Riverbed, away from the hustle and bustle of tourists, the camp fits naturally into its surroundings which also boasts quiet seclusion and awe-inspiring panoramic views of the vast Savannah Plains.

The Central Serengeti is home to the serene Seronera Valley hosting an array of flowing rivers that draw large numbers of various wildlife. Also known as The Big Cat Capital of Africa, there is no better place to see big cats in action! The area around teems with Prides of Lion, Cheetah roaming, large packs of Hyena and Leopard confidently striding through their territory. I’m sure you’re asking yourself “What attracts them here?” this is where the Acacia Woodlands borders the Great Savannah Plains, inviting herbivore masses of Elephant, Giraffe, Zebra, Warthog and many more – this is the time to witness exhilarating hunting scenes!

The 12 Luxurious Guest Tents will be upgraded as per the following: 8 Luxury Tents, 8 Executive Rooms and 2 Family bungalows with 2 full bedrooms together with sitting and dining areas. The expansion of the public area will feature a comfortable lounge and bar, dining, outdoor viewing deck and to be elevated on wooden platforms.

Sametu Camp provides impressive wildlife and scenery all year round, we are delighted to announce the upgraded version of Sametu Camp will be opening its doors to guests in mid – June 2020.

Karibuni Sana!