A new look for Morukuru Owner's House and Morukuru River House - Madikwe Game Reserve

As we welcome a new year and look ahead to a new decade, we can share some exciting news with you all. Morukuru Family Madikwe is getting a whole new look! 

Anyone who has undertaken building and interior work understands how challenging such projects are, but ultimately all the blood, sweat and tears will reveal a fresh new look and feel for Morukuru Family Madikwe - without losing any of the intrinsic values we are already so proud of. We like to think of it in terms of nature - which is at the heart of what we do. River House and Owners’ House are undergoing a metamorphosis - a process resulting in growth and differentiation.

We have chosen to collaborate with FoxBrowne Creative, who have an outstanding reputation for inspired spaces in the hospitality industry and we know they will deliver our vision which includes some new construction, improvement work and fresh interiors. We are committed to retaining the spirit of Morukuru Family which is renowned for existing elements like the natural stone cladding, the layout of the properties and the opulent (yet under-stated ) furniture; but are anticipating a more contemporary interpretation of luxury with the introduction of a new colour palette and more modern furnishing with some quirky aspects. 

Our vision includes bold shapes and patterns as well as elements of traditional Tswana Culture and the incorporation of the beauty of our beloved African Wild Dog, drawing on the patterns and shades of their natural pelts.

Guests at Owners House can look forward to a completely new elevated deck on the Marico River side, which will accommodate a lounge and dining area (both shaded by established trees ) as well as a firepit. 
At River House, we are embarking on an extra dining deck and a new pool (in the same stunning location), as well as a completely newly designed boma.

After 15 years of our current environment, we are bracing for an activity-filled three-months and then the final reveal...when the beautiful butterfly escapes the cocoon. We are so excited about our butterfly moment and can’t wait to introduce our fully realised vision for Morukuru Family Madikwe.

The work on both properties will begin soon and Owner's House will re-open on 15 May 2020, River House will re-open on 30 May 2020.
Their sister property Morukuru Farm House will remain open as usual and will not be affected by any of the work going on.