NFL Player Gives His Heart with Mara Engai & The Masai People

A Man on a Mission

When Kenneth Bernard Wright Jr otherwise known as KJ Wright, first came to Kenya’s Masai Mara through Mara Engai Lodge, he only had one request. He wished to have a tour of the village. Little did we know that he was problem hunting, to which he would bring a solution. With a country whose land is 80% arid and semiarid, it was only a matter of time before he could identify, the greatest gift that he could grant a school going child at Senior Chief Ole Nkoidillah primary school.

$300 For Every Tackle He Made

When KJ Wright the line-backer of the Seattle Seahawks National Football League, visited the school, upon his request, he was moved to tears by the murky water children had to drink.  This was the same type of water that they would take to their family for subsistence. Therefore, on his return home he put a campaign together where he would donate $300 for every tackle he made while he was playing.

Leaving an Impact 

It seems he made a lot of tackles hence his ability to actualize his promise to drill the borehole which is relatively expensive to do. His second return saw him commission the borehole in the company of family and friends who had nothing but admiration for him. His entourage could not hold back tears when the value of his selflessness was described as an investment that would serve generations to come. The borehole was also described as a disease preventer, since cases of waterborne disease would be reduced greatly with increased consumption of clean water.  

It was on this day that NFL star KJ Wright gave his heart to the people of the Masai Mara.