Chiwani Safari Camps, Onguma Nature Reserve & African Monarch Lodges Represented by Atmosphere Marketing

African Monarch Lodges' have two hidden gems, Kazile Island Lodge and Nambwa Tented Lodge, in the Zambezi Region (formerly Caprivi) in the pan-handle of Namibia. Offering an affordable Delta experience at Namibian Dollar prices, these two lodges together with the Sijwa project are key to sustaining and developing the community of this area.    

Chiwani Safari Camps' Mowani Mountain Camp & Camp Kipwe offer sweeping vistas across an ancient, desert landscape, with surprises such as desert-adapted elephants.    

Onguma Nature Reserve is on the eastern boundary of Etosha National Park and offers 34,000 ha of private reserve with a selection of accommodations to suit every budget and taste, whilst supporting our conservation and community efforts.