Experience Africa 2023

Experience Africa is open to all of those involved in the African Tourism industry and we welcome applications from products, DMC's, activity providers, attractions and tourism boards from across Africa who would like to meet with African Specialist tour operators, travel agents and travel designers from across the UK, Europe, North America and other key source markets.

This year, we will also be running a program for travel media and journalists looking to connect with the African travel trade.

Visit the links below that are most relevant to your business to find out more. 

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Experience Africa will run for 3 days from 26th – 28th June which will give you access to up a diary of pre-scheduled meetings, inspiring seminars, lunched, networking breaks and fantastic eventing events. With over buyers from across the UK & Europe attending live with more attending virtually this is your key opportunity to renew relationships with exiting partners and make meaningful new business connections.

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