Experience Africa 2023

African Bush Camps

African Bush Camps (ABC) is a 100% owner-run, African-based safari company designed to delight adventure travellers with authentic safari experiences amid untamed wilderness across Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Zambia.  Founded in 2006 by Beks Ndlovu, a professional safari guide raised in the village of Lupane on the outskirts of Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, his ambition was to create safari journeys that reincarnate the fantasy of  'Old, Untouched Africa.'

Operations within the 17 luxury tented bush camps and lodges, are focused to provide seamless safari experiences as individual as the guests. African Bush Camps promotes and influences travel to Africa on a global scale while operating with a strong focus on conservation, and an environmentally sustainable footprint that celebrates the culture of communities in the areas in which it operates.  The African Bush Camps Foundation is a non-profit organisation focused on conservation, education, and empowerment for the communities that surround the company's camp locations. The Foundation operates through a multi-faceted partnership between the company, communities, and conservation stakeholders with at least 2,5 percent of ABC's revenue going towards the Foundation annually. Conservation and community levies collected as part of each guests' safari are spent on Foundation projects and programmes designed to overcome the challenges faced by local communities and conservation.  African Bush Camps invites you to join us in our purpose of Sharing & Conserving Africa Together.