17 Jul 2023

Zanzibar to allow tourism businesses to obtain licenses throughout the year

Dar es Salaam. The Zanzibar Commission for Tourism (ZCT) has made a change in the validity period of licences issued to tourism related businesses in the isles.

With immediate effect, the shift to a 12-month duration from the date of issue will allow tourism businesses to obtain their licences at any time throughout the year, with subsequent renewals falling on the date of the original issuance.

According to ZCT Executive Secretary, Ms Hafsa Mbamba, the change will simplify the renewal process, eliminate administrative burdens, and allow businesses to operate without interruption.

In a statement issued to the public, Ms Mbamba said the decision comes as part of the ZCT's ongoing commitment to enhance operational efficiency, promote ease of doing business, and accommodate the evolving needs of tourism businesses in Zanzibar.

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Source: The Citizen