20 Dec 2023

Wilderness Sabyinyo Unveils New-Look Interiors After Recent Refurbishment


Wilderness Sabyinyo, located within Rwanda’s Virunga Massif, is proud to announce the completion of an extensive refurbishment, affirming the lodge’s reputation as a haven that harmoniously blends nature, culture and comfort.

The refurbishment project, spearheaded by acclaimed Cape Town-based designer Caline Williams-Wynn of Artichoke Design, has elevated the lodge's ambience, creating a warm and welcoming experience for all guests. “Through attention to cultural sensitivity and a meticulous integration of local elements, we've curated an experience at Wilderness Sabyinyo that encapsulates the very essence of Rwanda”, said Caline. "This refurbishment isn't just about aesthetics; it's about crafting an immersive journey for guests, celebrating Rwanda's rich tapestry of culture and nature”.

Renowned for its commitment to conservation and community empowerment, Sabyinyo’s new look saw a meticulous reimagining of the lodge's interiors, guided by the lush landscapes and cultural heritage of Rwanda. Drawing inspiration from the verdant surroundings, the refurbishment boasts a captivating colour palette primarily influenced by bamboo hues, mirroring the lodge's connection to nature. This blend of greens, reflected in wall finishes and furnishings, brings the outdoors in at every opportunity, fostering a tranquil and seamless link with the awe-inspiring surroundings.

Among the notable enhancements, the guest rooms now feature wood-finish flooring, complemented by hand-painted artworks from local artisans and rich layering in the rugs and textiles of choice. Each room exudes warmth and authenticity, accentuated by open fireplaces, invoking a true sense of Rwandan hospitality.

The refurbishment aligns with Wilderness Sabyinyo's commitment to sustainability, employing a design ethos that incorporates existing furniture, mirrors, and frames alongside re-upholstered sofas and ottomans. The result is a harmonious blend of sustainability and sophistication that resonates throughout the lodge.

Beyond the enhanced interiors, Wilderness Sabyinyo, through SACOLA (the Sabyinyo Community Livelihood Association), continues its mission as Rwanda's first community-owned lodge. SACOLA utilises rentals and community fees to drive socio-economic and conservation initiatives in nearby communities, emphasising a commitment to both wildlife preservation and community upliftment.

With six charming stone cottages, two spacious suites, and a family cottage, each exquisitely designed room offers a serene retreat with cinematic views of the Virungas and surrounding volcanoes. “The lodge beckons our guests to engage with the stories of the land, the wilderness, the wildlife and the people. We are excited to share the revitalised camp with our guests and to reveal Sabyinyo’s magic, which all contributes to a meaningful journey of exploration and conservation”, concluded Rob Baas, Wilderness Rwanda MD.