25 Aug 2020

Watch Jenman African Safaris Guide Chronicles, Episode 3: Ageless Africa


“The terrain of travel in Africa has changed and guest experiences have revolutionised over time” Todd Metz, professional guide.

Having started his guiding career in the early 90’s, Todd has witnessed transformations in client demand, accommodation, conservation initiatives, safety protocols as well as transportation itself. From the barefooted and fancy free backpacker tours, with limited accommodation and questionable suspension, providing guests with an African road massage – to high quality overland vehicles with air conditioning and on board fridges.

Collecting stories and experience from South Africa to Cairo – Todd has a wealth of knowledge to share with CEO Katja Quasdorf in our next Safari Guide Chronicles session. As well as imparting his wildlife encounters and expertise, Todd will speak into how client demographic has changed as a result of economics, politics, and the surge for seeking adventure. No matter the age group – guests seek the diverse and colourful landscapes of Africa, chasing the untamed essence which ignites our human spirit. 

Join us on Thursday 27th August at 16:30 as we embark on an expedition of time travel, traversing decades of journeys across the borders of Africa.

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