16 Nov 2018

Vayeni is growing its Team!

We are growing our team at Vayeni to serve all our partners across the world even better.  To this end we have welcomed three more fantastic ladies to Vayeni.

Danielle Schutte
Based in Harare, Zimbabwe

Danielle brought her diligent and professional approach along with a wealth of experience.  She's an absolute pleasure to work with and many of our partners that are already working with her & Vayeni will certainly testify to this.

Samantha Farquharson
Based in Cape Town, South Africa 

When we invested heavily in technology to speed up our turnaround times we realised that to make it work for our partners to its full potential we needed to dedicate a whole person to managing it.  Sam has brought the energy, flair and fun required to make this role a success.

Megan Mostert
Based in Harare, Zimbabwe

Megan's core role is to serveour partners better providing information, media, product and destination updates. She is full of passion for what we do and goes out of her way to look after our partners with great care!

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