19 Aug 2019

TripAdvisor support - Get started - Part one of three posts

Part one of three posts

TripAdvisor have put together some basic instructions and tips on how to manage your listing on their site so that it can be used to its full potential. This is a good chance for Atta members to familiarise yourselves with some of the key TripAdvisor topics and feel more comfortable with the site and how your company is portrayed. Please note that this is post one of three separate posts around this topic – all of which can be found through the TripAdvisor profile in the members directory on the Atta website.

  1. Claim your listing

    Learn how to get listed and start collecting reviews on TripAdvisor:
  1. Manage your online reputation

    Take control of your online reputation. Build your business on the world’s largest travel site. It’s all within reach when you register for the TripAdvisor Management Center.
  1. Reviews and Ratings

    3a. Learn all about the TripAdvisor Popularity Ranking algorithm, including how it’s used to rank accommodations, attractions and restaurants, and how it evolves over time.

    3b. Learn how your bubble rating is determined and how you can improve it.