21 Aug 2019

TripAdvisor support - Content Integrity - Part three of three posts

Part three of three posts

TripAdvisor have put together some basic instructions and tips on how to manage your listing on their site so that it can be used to its full potential. This is a good chance for Atta members to familiarise yourselves with some of the key TripAdvisor topics and feel more comfortable with the site and how your company is portrayed. Please note that this is post three of three separate posts around this topic – all of which can be found through the TripAdvisor profile in the members directory on the Atta website.

  1. How Does TripAdvisor Catch Fake Reviews?

    We explain the three different types of fake reviews and how TripAdvisor uses a combination of technology and detective work to stop fake reviews reaching the site.

    1a. How Does the TripAdvisor Review Tracking System Work?

    How does the technology behind the TripAdvisor review tracking system works, and how we use it to catch fake reviews and prevent them from reaching the site?

    1b. How Does TripAdvisor Determine Whether a Review Is Biased?

    Even when a person has visited a hotel or restaurant, their review could still breach our guidelines if it is biased.

    1c. What Does TripAdvisor Do To Stop The Buying and Selling of Fake Reviews Online?

    Buying reviews is a dishonest business practice that misleads customers and is deeply unfair to the majority of businesses that play by the rules.

    1d. Journey of a Review (Explanatory Video)
    From submission to posting, how TripAdvisor moderates traveler reviews.


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