13 Nov 2023

Tourism partners with Google SA


Tourism Minister Patricia de Lille will on Monday sign an agreement with Google, which will see the Ministry of Tourism and the digital platform collaborate on several areas of work.

This is in line with the department’s work of enhancing the use of technology to market South Africa’s tourism offering.

De Lille will sign the agreement with Dr Alistair Mokoena, the Country Director for Google South Africa.

In an era of digital transformation, collaboration between technology giants and government entities has the potential to reshape industries and enhance public services. According to the Department of Tourism, the agreement will map the way to a visionary partnership between Google and the Ministry of Tourism, focusing on non-monetary exchanges to leverage each other's strengths for mutual benefit.

“The primary goal of the partnership is to harness Google's technological expertise to support the Ministry of Tourism's efforts in promoting South Africa as a prime tourist destination. The partnership aims to facilitate knowledge sharing, skills development, and the use of digital tools to enhance tourism experiences and sustainability,” the department said in a statement.

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Source: SA News