02 Apr 2024

The Ultimate Giraffe Safari


The Safari Collection has just launched a brand-new safari itinerary for 2025, tailored specifically for lovers of the world’s tallest animal. If you’re a giraffe enthusiast and keen to learn about the conservation of this iconic African mammal, this is a dream trip! Guided by three leading giraffe experts from the Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF), this safari takes you to Sala’s Camp, Sasaab and Giraffe Manor in Kenya to encounter three of the world’s four giraffe species: Masai, Reticulated and Rothschild’s/Nubian giraffes.

This exclusive, ten-night adventure presents unique opportunities for hands-on conservation experience including the chance to participate in giraffe tracking initiatives and engage with local conservation efforts. Celebrate the remarkable charm and wonder of giraffes while fostering a deeper connection to their conservation on the Ultimate Giraffe Safari.

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