31 Jul 2020

The River Club Zambia - Staff Relief Initiatives


Due to the current Covid-19 situation we are facing and as a result of global travel bans, the lodge has temporarily closed (we are however taking bookings for future stays). As our staff and their wellbeing remain a primary concern we have launched a Staff Relief Fund, of which 100% of proceeds generated will go to our Zambian staff living in the local community.

By entering our lucky draw to win one of three accommodation prizes at the lodge (each $50 donation is awarded an entry), participants directly contribute to the fund. All proceeds are fully accounted for and are divided equally amongst Zambian staff members during this time of uncertainty.

Resident co-owner of The River Club, Peter Jones, has also made his private plot of land nearby, on the banks of the Zambezi River, available to the staff members and their families to farm their own produce. At Peter's own expense the land has been prepared for farming, electric fencing has been installed to protect crops and seeds were purchased. The seedlings are now growing well and soon the staff will be able to harvest their own fresh produce!