08 Jan 2018

The Best Camp Jabulani Adventures in 2017

Mtimba & Dean.jpg

When the year is winding down and the promise of a new dawn is in sight, we often find ourselves reminiscing about the year that has passed. With so many incredible adventures happening right on our doorstep, hidden between the foliage and tucked between the bush, it is rather challenging to decide on the best. It is only human to try and forget the bad, but we mostly ponder the good: the experiences we lived and so wished that we could revive again. From marriages bonding two Camp Jabulani employees followed intermittently by a sequence of elephant adoptions – let’s have a look back at the best Camp Jabulani adventures in 2017. Follow the link to see what we got up to in 2017 http://campjabulani.com/the-best-camp-jabulani-adventures-in-2017/