10 Mar 2022

The Adventure Connection launches Nile Cruise Fam Trip in Egypt for April 2022


‘Life on the Nile’ - April 2022

The Adventure Connection has launched a Nile Cruise Fam Trip aboard the luxurious Champollion II all the way from Cairo to Aswan. It is purely for travel industry press, tour operators and travel agents and their families and runs between 02 April to 15 April 2022 (a shorter itinerary is also available). 

The Pharaoh’s Nile Trail cruise is unusual in that it takes in little-visited sights and spectacular scenery between Cairo to Aswan (the vast majority of cruises follow only the short stretch of the Nile between Aswan and Luxor). The cruise provides an opportunity for industry professionals to experience the best of Egypt (one of the world's oldest and finest destinations for travellers) and to shine a light on the tourism industry and help promote Egyptian tourism to a wider audience.

Covering over 1000km of sailing along this ancient river, and including all of the iconic tourist attractions and more, the tour includes multi-language guided sightseeing, pick-up transfer from the airport and full board while on the Champollion II cruise vessel.

The cruise is open to travel industry professionals (along with their families at cost), making it a superb opportunity to discover the potential of a Nile cruise and enjoy a holiday with loved ones too. Taking in the pyramids, verdant green valleys and epic natural beauty along this famous river, guests will eventually reach the Nile Cataract at Aswan. Participants will see the best that Egypt has to offer from their comfortable cabin aboard the Champollion II. 

There is a cost to participate, but almost everything (other than flights and drinks) is included and, unusually for a Fam Trip, you can take your partner, family member or friend along too if they pay the same amount. Your cost will be fully refundable after making a client booking above that value. To qualify to join this inaugural expedition, at least one person in each shared cabin must be a journalist, travel agent or tour operator. 

With TV coverage along the way, the tour gives guests a chance to immerse themselves in living history as well as network with other industry professionals.

The Pharaoh’s Nile Trail Cruise is taking registrations now.  
Further information
You can find more details of the cruise by using the following links:

Watch a video of the Champollin II in action: https://bit.ly/3BfS6d9

Visit website: http://champollionnilecruises.com/

See video of river cruise route to be followed: https://bit.ly/caiaswarcmap

For further details please apply in person to Mark Wright at The Adventure Connection: [email protected]