15 Jun 2018

TedX talk by Praveen Moman, Founder Volcanoes Safaris: Save Gorillas, Focus on Communities


We are delighted to share a recent TEDx talk by Praveen Moman, Founder Volcanoes Safaris, given in Bend, Oregon!
In the talk, entitled: "Save Gorillas: Focus on Communities", Praveen argues that we need to change the paradigm of Gorilla tourism and conservation and make them central to the economic mainstream so communities have a stake in the survival of the gorillas and habitat. 

Only by putting bread on the table of local people and giving their children a better future, we will ensure that gorilla conservation works.

He asks: does this not require a radical rethink by those of us who are privileged, so we support conservation and tourism not for ourselves, but in order to support the local communities who ultimately can save the gorillas? 

We hope you find the talk stimulating and thought provoking!

Volcanoes Safaris