20 Jul 2018

Soul of Tanzania signature Hot Lunches: Sustainability and excellence hand in hand


When doing a safari, the lunch experience means, most of the times, cold lunch-boxes. Although tasty and energetic enough for a safari, they come with two problems: no glamour and too much plastic waste. 

When we realized the amount of garbage that these lunch boxes make on a daily basis, we knew we had to do something.  We started being obsessed with the idea of decreasing our ecological footprint and we truly believe that small details make all the difference. 

So we changed the game, from the moment we started operating: on most locations, Soul of Tanzania will provide full hot lunches, and full tableware and cutlery, cold white wine, delicious red wine and juices. Sometimes we set up the lunch table, other times we just lay down a blanket on the ground and have a luxury picnic. Our guides are trained to make the experience a unique one. Only issue? Being the center of attentions of every other group who is wondering why they are not having such a sophisticated meal.

But most importantly, this exquisite experience is synonym to environment and tourism sustainability. Both clients and environment happy.