06 Aug 2019

Shoebill Safari with Robin Pope Safaris


With the reopening of Shoebill Island Camp under African Parks, we are delighted to once again be able to offer our popular Shoebill Safari!

What is so special about a Shoebill? These impressively leggy birds can grow up to 1.5 metres, have extremely powerful beaks (that happen to look like a shoe), have a wingspan of up to 2.5 metres and are currently only found in the wild in just 5 countries. Over the years their habitats have been threatened due to overfishing and deforestation but African Parks is making huge strides in Bangweulu Swamps and since they took over in 2008, there are now over 10 nests protected by community guards.

Naturally the major highlight is the possibility of sighting the Shoebill itself – now only found in 5 countries of the world however this safari is not just for keen birders. On the hunt for the remarkable shoebill, you will also encounter elephants, lions, giraffes, and host of other species.

Our Shoebill Safaris will run on the 12th of June 2020. For more information get in touch with Robin Pope Safaris.