18 May 2020

Serengeti Safari One Day at a Time...


Heres a series of daily video reports from Serengeti, well worth watching:

Morning! We are a team of wildlife enthusaists who have come to the Serengeti while the rest of the world comes slowly out of lockdown but there are still massive travel restrictions, so there are no visitors here, but the Serengeti is as magnificneint and glorious as ever. We very much hope you enjoy this little video and perhaps won't mind if we show you some more fun tomorrow and for the next few days.

Our team consists of a wildlife photographer, Paul Joynson-Hicks, two awesome wildlife guides in Jombi Kivuyp and Richard Knocker and the incredible Eliza Powell our indomitable filmmaker.

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Cheers from us, in the rather damp Serengeti.

Paul, Jombi, Richard and Eliza