14 Sep 2021

Rise with the East, With Jenman African Safaris in 2022

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East Africa is a destination which encompasses all - from breath taking landscapes, untamed safari terrain, idyllic beaches as well as captivating cultures. With a new dawn of travel upon us, rise to the occasion along with the sun and join Jenman African Safaris on an exploration of Africa’s Eden in the east. 

Making sure adventure and discovery remains accessible for all, we have curated tours for tailor made packages as well as small and exclusive guided group tours - the scope of experience and budget taken into consideration. Tailor made itineraries encourage exclusivity and freedom, while guided group excursions are an invitation for collecting memories through new friends, selected activities and wild encounters within a pre-arranged schedule, taking the worry of logistics out of one’s hands. With a maximum of 7 people, the guided group tours simultaneously offer intimate African experiences.

Other than the accepted and encouraged COVID protocols, travel in East Africa is almost as before. Airlines such as Ethiopian, Kenyan, Lufthansa, Qatar, Emirates, Rwandair, Turkish and KLM are once again providing multiple flights per week. One may obtain visas for Kenya and Uganda online, and Tanzania is online or on arrival. The following tours are ready and waiting for guests to embark upon, discovering the rich and colourful tapestry of East Africa:

East Africa is a visual feast of bio diverse and abundant wildlife; an experience of Africa at its finest. Exclusive journeys and spacious properties invite guests on a getaway of personal space, safely distanced yet intimately connected to their surroundings. Iconic and secret destinations await to welcome travellers to their African adventure.

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