14 Oct 2020

ResRequest introduces small business and entrepreneur funding initiative: The Incubator Programme


ResRequest, a Central Reservations and Property Management application for boutique safari lodges and hotels, announced the launch of an Incubator Programme. The programme is designed to support small and new lodge safari lodge and boutique hotels. The initiative is aimed to stimulate growth and support new businesses in a stressed time. 

“We recognised that markets will need initiatives to speed up recovery. This is one of several initiatives we have implemented to help rebuild some of what Covid has cost,” says Ntando Bhengu, Business Development Manager at ResRequest.

“We know how exciting it is to create a new experience for customers. It’s also a time when you need reliable suppliers who understand your business. We have great connections and interfaces to help,” Bhengu continued. Markets are showing signs of recovery and fledgling businesses need to start planning their bookings now. “Our Incubator Programme is designed for startups, especially those that need to launch now in order to be ready for the post-Covid tourism upswing.”

ResRequest’s Incubator Programme supports entrepreneurial endeavours for small or start-up lodges and hotels. The Programme helps new or emerging properties by giving them access to the full ResRequest software solution and services at a reduced price, while they start out their journey to success. The ResRequest Team has included a training and consulting service to help Incubator businesses fast track their growth.  

For more information reach out to ResRequest via their Support Team.