12 Jul 2019

Ownership of WOLF-DMC from Jozef Verbruggen (Untamed Travelling) to Trees Piersma


The ownership of WOLF-DMC, the company based in both Kigali (Rwanda) and Kampala (Uganda) that was started by Untamed Traveling in 2017, has been transferred to Trees Piersma and Auke Ykema on July 1 of this year. Director Jozef Verbruggen and General Manager Trees Piersma - the golden duo of the Dutch travel industry - have decided after long deliberation to separate Untamed Travelling and WOLF-DMC in order to realize an optimal organizational structure for both companies. The world of travel is changing so fast that focus is extremely important for both companies. Although Untamed will have to work without the inspiring management and colorful character of Piersma, the bespoke traveldesigner is ready for the future with an enthousiastic management team. It is not a farewell, both companies remain partners for the future. Verbruggen quotes he will miss Trees on management and wishes her and Auke the best of luck and success.