10 Sep 2020

Over 1,300 Emergency Food Parcels Delivered to Date


Emergency support to communities in our areas of Masai Mara, Lake Naivasha, Laikipia and Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda continued in August. August saw the most number of families helped so far, with 200 families helped in the Masai Mara, 40 in Lake Naivasha, 60 in Laikipia, and the 90 single mothers in Rwanda receiving now 19 weeks of support.

This brought the total number of food parcels given out to 500 in Kenya (since June) and 855 in Rwanda (since April). This has all been possible through the kind generosity of our guests and supporters. We look forward to another month of facilitating these and more families in September. We wish to thank from the bottom of our hearts everyone who has supported these efforts, and the impact it has had on these families during these difficult times is hard to overstate. 

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