26 May 2020

Offbeat Safaris Emergency Conservation Appeal


Please help “Adopt a Plot” in Mara North Conservancy

To make a donation please follow this link

First and foremost, we hope that you, your families and friends are safe and well in these unprecedented times. We at Offbeat are all well, but since the International travel ban tourism here has ground to a halt.  We are deeply concerned about the impact this may have on this precious Conservancy, its wildlife and Maasai communities you and we hold so dear.
Each month Offbeat Riding Safaris and Offbeat Mara Camp, along with 11 other Tourism Partners directly fund the Mara North Conservancy (MNC) - transparently paying over 700 individual Maasai families and providing the management, maintenance and security of the Conservancy.
With no income from tourism over the last few months, we are now faced with the challenge of keeping the wildlife safe as well as supporting the local communities with dwindling reserves.

This wonderful Conservancy, co-founded by Tristan, Piers and others, that you have so enjoyed over the years is now under threat. The Maasai Community are largely supported by tourism. They depend on us, with your support, to provide them with this income; in order to protect the land and the huge numbers of wildlife that come with it.

Offbeat is urgently launching an "Adopt a Plot" campaign to help safeguard the Mara North Conservancy.


The next 12 months are crucial for the survival of the ecosystem and the help you can give, no matter how large or small will go a long way to helping sustain this beautiful area we all so love.
We know that times are tough for everyone, but any help is more than appreciated and will make a genuine difference.

All donations will go to funding the conservation efforts of the Mara North Conservancy so that the Maasai Landowners and the wildlife have a future.
1 plot for 1 year - $10 
3 plots for 1 year - $30
5 plots for 1 year - $50
10 plots for 1 year  - $100
20 plots for 1 year - $200
30 plots for 1 year - $300 

And so on.....

Any donation of $800 or more can be used as a travel credit from Offbeat, which can be put towards a future stay at Offbeat Mara Camp, or for an Offbeat Riding Safari up until the end of 2022.
Our goal is to raise US $70,000 to save help protect the Conservancy.  


Thank you very much for your support!
Piers, Cindy and The Offbeat Pride (both human and feline)