15 Oct 2020

November Spotlight Virtual dates announced


Following the highly successful first ever SPOTLIGHT VIRTUAL EXPO on 30 September which attracted 40 Exhibitors and 162 Buyers from 25 countries, Derek Houston has announced details for the next Spotlight Virtual to be held on Wednesday 04 and Thursday 05 November

Reports indicate that Regional travel within Africa is already seeing a re-bound as more and more airlines re-launch their flights into and around Africa.

While nothing can beat a face to face Workshop - for the moment VIRTUAL has become the new normal and a very dynamic way to communicate with your Trade partners within Africa and overseas.

Spotlight Virtual TravelExpo will promote Inter-regional travel within Africa (from Southern Africa to East & West Africa and vice versa); Outbound travel from Africa to Indian Ocean islands and overseas destinations (Europe, The Gulf etc) and Inbound Tourism from Overseas countries to Africa

Spotlight Virtual Travel Expo is designed to create a real Exhibition experience with B2B meetings and Pre - scheduled Appointments.

At the September Spotlight Virtual Expo 162 Buyers from 15 countries in Africa and 31 tour operators from ten overseas countries registered. Buyers attended from Kenya, Australia, USA, Zambia, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Italy, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Czech Republic, Romania, Ethiopia, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, UK, Netherlands, Nigeria, Finland, Israel, India, Uganda, Canada and Mozambique.

We have decided to extend the workshop to two full days and also open the meeting slots from early morning to late evening to enable buyers from all time zones to attend at times convenient for them.

Houston expects 20 exhibitors to participate and over 200 Trade buyers to register from Africa and overseas countries. “We have very strict criteria for buyer registration commented Derek “and we do not allow sellers to sign up as buyers!”

For further information on exhibiting or registering as a buyer please contact  [email protected] or visit www.houstonmarketing.co.za