14 May 2021

Not one, but TWO new Green Safaris properties will be open by June


Meet Green Safaris' two new eco-properties: Shawa Luangwa Camp, which has just opened!, and Chisa Busanga Camp, which will be opening on June 1st. 

At Green Safaris we have been passionately working towards an exciting travel future, with two brand new eco-friendly camps opening in readiness for what experts are calling an impending ‘economic boom’ (we bet everyone reading this is crossing fingers and holding toes). 

Adventure is out there, and travellers are finally feeling as though perhaps it is time to make their way to it.

What are we saying? That’s clearly a radical understatement. According to most travel professionals, travellers have been ready and waiting for almost a year and are now verging on the ‘will tie balloons to my house if the planes won’t take me’ stage.

Luckily, the safari world is ready and waiting. We are all hoping, of course, that travellers will have learned to be more conscious, travel more ethically, and support companies that make a positive difference. Because if this is the case, Southern Africa is the place to go! 

Shawa Luangwa Camp

Is open!

Our brand new camp is situated along the meandering Luangwa River in the heart of the Lupanda Game Management Area, with close access to both the park and Nsefu Sector. The South Luangwa National Park is the birthplace of the walking safari, one of the most immersive and nostalgic ways to experience wild spaces. So it is no surprise that Shawa was inspired by the legendary walking safari guide Jacob Shawa. From picking the camp’s location to soon leading our first guests on Walking Safaris (complete with many of his signature jokes) through the South Luangwa, Jacob is the heart and soul of the Shawa story.

The Camp

Shawa is made up of five en-suite canvas tents, each placed amongst the magnificent sausage, baobab, ebony and mahogany trees that provide privacy, shade and birdsong. Each tent is mounted on a wooden deck, to minimise their impact on the local ecosystem, and they open entirely on three sides to offer an unblocked 270-degree view over the river and across the park.

Like all our other eco-friendly safari camps and lodges, Shawa was built with sustainability front of mind and is powered completely by solar energy. And this doesn’t just mean lights and hot water: Shawa offers our signature Silent Safari experience: a safari drive in our electric vehicles which not only means no engine noise to scare away wildlife, but also that guests can feel truly content in this wild space knowing that even their game vehicle is charged on sunshine.

Shawa hosted her first guests only a week ago, and our Green Team ‘test guests’ had to be physically dragged away at the end of their short stay. This is not (much of) an exaggeration.

Chisa Busanga Camp

Opening June 1st  

Nesting: (of a bird or other animal) building or occupying a nest/ to create and settle into a warm and secure refuge

Welcome to the Chisa nests… a warm and secure refuge, for humans!

You don’t have to be an architect to marvel at the structural design of a bird’s nest. While exploring the Busanga Plains, it was the weaver bird’s nest in particular that caught the eye of Green Safaris’ founder, Vincent, and inspired the four human-sized bird’s nests at Chisa Busanga Camp.

Busanga Plains is a remote wilderness secreted away in the northern region of Kafue National Park. There, on a tiny grassy island surrounded by seasonal floodplains and dotted with date palms, sits Chisa Busanga. Each nest is raised on a wooden deck built from sustainably sourced wood and, once on your private deck, you will get to experience a special bird’s eye view of the plains below.  

Environmentally-conscious travellers will appreciate that Chisa is a true eco-friendly safari camp, as it minimises its footprint on its natural surrounds by running completely off-grid. During our camp eco-walk, you can check out our solar power system, composting and recycling process, and how the lodge was built sustainably.

And not only does Chisa, like Shawa, offer our Silent Safari experiences via e-Cruisers… guests can also explore the area on e-Mountain bikes, perfect for giving you that extra kick of speed and making your safari cycle experience a lot more effortless.  

Get in Touch

If you have any queries, do get in touch with your nearest Green Safaris representative. They would be more than happy to help you with our rates, exciting opening specials, and any other information you may need.  

Southern Africa: Rosalind Hine, [email protected]

UK and Europe: Honour Schram de Jong, [email protected]

United States: Johann van Zyl, [email protected]