31 May 2024

New Member - Songa Africa, The Tourism Company

Songa Africa, launched in 2010, has become synonymous with luxury, eco-friendly travel throughout East Africa, crafting bespoke journeys that blend opulent experiences with a strong ethos of environmental and community responsibility. Our commitment to sustainability is evident in the rich tapestry of experiences we offer, ranging from wildlife safaris and cultural tours to scenic helicopter rides and golfing expeditions, all designed to leave a positive imprint on the region and its people. In 2016, we broadened our scope by inaugurating Amakoro Songa Lodge, an emblem of sustainable luxury set against East Africa's breathtaking backdrops. While Songa Africa orchestrates transformative travel experiences, Amakoro Songa Lodge offers an independent, luxurious sanctuary that aligns with our principles of conservation and community engagement. Our mission is to deliver unparalleled travel experiences that delve deep into the heart and soul of East Africa’s heritage and natural beauty. At Songa Africa, we tailor each journey to the individual needs and aspirations of our guests, ensuring a memorable adventure that not only captivates but also champions sustainable tourism and community development. Joining a journey with Songa Africa means engaging in a narrative that respects and preserves the region's rich natural and cultural legacy, offering adventures that are both extraordinary and meaningful.