22 Jan 2024

New Member - Simba Safaris Ltd

Simba Safaris was founded in 1969, a family owned and operated company. The 3 brothers, Dharamshi Bhimani Family have spent over 50 years travelling Tanzania, gathering a team of experts, conducting the finest luxury Tour Operator in East Africa. Our head office in Arusha, Tanzania and Liaison branch in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania are managed by safari experts who average more than ten years’ experience with Simba Safaris and have first-hand knowledge about the areas in the country.

We provide luxury safaris in Tanzania, trekking services on Mount Kilimanjaro, Beach Holiday vacations, and many special interest tours and outings. We have decades of experience leading travelers’ to Tanzania’s popular destinations in the Northern Circuit, the Southern Circuit, and the Western Circuit. We have it all – and we can’t wait to share our country’s natural beauty with you. Karibu to Tanzania, and travelling with Simba Safaris. Let Adventure Lead You.