18 Mar 2024

New Member - Scribe Consulting

Draw on our 20 + years of multi-faceted, proven international tourism experience Scribe Consulting delivers excellent professional services tailored to tourism. 

Our proactive approach delivers the best results. We speak your language helping your business with professional services to reach your target audience. 

Launched in Cape Town, South Africa, at the turn of the millennium in the year 2000, we have since expanded into the United Kingdom with our Director, Amy Knight-Dawson, at the helm based in Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Supported by a fully distributed team, the company continues to thrive in the age of information. Our specialisms include sustainable business strategy, communications, sales, content marketing, training and quality assurance. 

 “At Scribe Consulting, we recognise that the people in tourism make the experience happen. Applying a growth mindset, our services, underpinned by industry expertise, offer relevant help to growing companies. We are passionate about developing excellence in regenerative tourism products and destinations. We aim to inspire life-changing experiences in tourism through our meaningful work,” says Amy.

In 2020, Amy scaled her business and launched the L&D (Learning & Development) platform Scribe Consulting Academy to support the tourism industry's growth and post-Covid recovery. Today, she is called upon by the industry to empower teams and improve staff and client retention through professional development and workshop facilitation. 

Amy concludes, “Our tagline, ‘Putting Passion To Purpose’ sums up our commitment to the tourism industry.”