11 Mar 2024

New Member - EriNine PLC

We are a vibrant and young Tour Operator based in Asmara, Eritrea, with an additional branch in Massawa. Established in 1991, we take pride in being among the most professional and reliable tour operators in the region. Our team is composed of Eritreans with deep connections to the country and its heritage. We have a proficient team of English, Italian, German, and Amharic speaking guides who possess extensive knowledge about the region and its people. Our drivers are not just skilled in their role but are also well-trained to handle unforeseen challenges during your journey, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience. As a flexible and hands-on organization, we are always on-site, ready to assist and ensure maximum reliability in every circumstance. Managing boat tours in the Red Sea is one of our specialties, providing you with the confidence to explore the beauty of the region worry-free. With our profound understanding of Eritrea’s history, culture, and traditions, we are well-equipped to handle any difficulties that may arise during your tour. Your safety is our priority, and we continuously monitor the security status of each area we visit in real-time.