02 Feb 2024

National Geographic Picks Kenya as a Top Destination to Visit


This year’s National Geographic list of best travel destinations was a bit different with the addition of experiences. Kenya was ranked as at number one, spotlighting horseback safaris as an immersive way to see wildlife while being less disruptive to habitats.

Typically, safaris rely on vehicles, but horseback allows a more personal experience in the Maasai Mara's conservation and wilderness areas brimming with big cats, elephants and more. Kenya's top ranking demonstrates its enduring popularity as an epic safari destination.

The list also features adventures like tea trails in Sri Lanka, solar eclipse viewing at Niagara Falls, and exploring Paris and Scotland. But Kenya takes the lead as the foremost place to visit this year for animal encounters on horseback safaris through natural landscapes.

A safari in Africa usually conjures an image of mud-spattered 4x4 vehicles bouncing through the bush. But there’s another way to travel: on horseback. 

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Source: National Geographic