03 Apr 2024

Namaqua National Park and three others expand territories to protect wildlife, plants


The territories of four of South Africa's national parks have been expanded by more than 20 000 hectares to improve conservation. The biggest expansion of more than 18,000 hectares has happened at Namaqua National Park, situated in the arid Namaqualand region along the west coast of Northern Cape province.

This semi-desert area is known for its remarkable spring wildflower blooms. Among the species that will be better protected within the expanded park boundaries include the indigenous quiver tree or kokerboom. The park expansion aims to safeguard this unique ecosystem.

Namaqua National Park spans across part of the Northern Cape province in western South Africa near the Atlantic coast. This arid area receives little rainfall, yet puts on a spectacular wildflower display in the spring months after the winter rains. The indigenous quiver tree, known locally as the kokerboom, is one of the iconic plant species found in the region that will benefit from the expanded national park territory.

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Source: news24