24 May 2023

Mozambique – e-visas on arrival

Not only does Mozambique have no more COVID-19 entry requirements for visitors, but its e-visa programme is swinging into action. 

Mozambique now welcomes visitors from 29 countries on an e-visa on arrival basis. Some are visitors who previously had to apply for visas before travel. This system will soon be replaced by a full e-visa system, in which visas for these travellers from the list of 29 countries will be issued online before travel.

Since the beginning of May, the e-visa system now applies to passport holders of: USA; Canada; United Kingdom; Switzerland; Belgium; Netherlands; Denmark; Spain; Portugal; Italy; France; Germany; Finland; Norway; Sweden; Russia; Ukraine; Ireland; Israel; UAE; Saudi Arabia; Indonesia; Singapore; China; Republic of Korea; Japan; Côte d'Ivoire; Ghana and Senegal.

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Source: Travel News